About the Author


I’m Brooke. A wife to the most supportive Husband, who is my rock, and a mom to four handsome boys. I am a survivor of Postpartum Psychosis, Postpartum Mood Disorder and Postpartum PTSD. I’m not yet healed but I’m here clawing my way out of the darkness. I feel it is important to bring attention to the lack of support and resources for the mothers suffering along side me.

Sometimes I question why the hell am I going through this?? I’m not one to question God often but through this I have. Through this I’ve wrestled, screamed, fought, weeped and pleaded with God. Through this my faith has been tested and tried from every angle. I have seen God show up throughout my story, giving me glimpses of comfort, strength and hope. I only share this because my belief in God is such a big part of my life.

Here I will share my story. Through this I’m going to share excerpts from my journal, I hope you will be respectful. A journal holds no judgment and because of this I can write openly, raw, and honest. This is my truth. This is raw and painful. It’s not easy to share something so personal but I do it in hopes it can help you or maybe someone you know, know they are not alone.


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