Medical Journey: Part 4 Travel

It is an interesting time we live in. To travel we had to show medical forms every step of the way. Even in Salt Lake City airport. It is not easy currently to leave the country, and I’m not really sure why someone would want to leave without a good reason. Every person traveling was asked why they were traveling.

Traveling was really hard on my body. The pressure change during take off and landing sent shooting pains through my head. Not being able to lay down for so many hours. My head was just too heavy to hold up anymore.

During our first layover in Atlanta I was so grateful for the wheelchair assist. It would have been way too far for me to walk. When we got to our gate they set us by a chair with a side table. I made a little bed across the wheelchair, chair, and side table. I’m used to some looks but my goodness did I get some interesting looks. It is socially acceptable to lay across everything when you’re broken right?

The international flight was hard having to wear a mask the entire time. I just felt like I couldn’t breath and they were very strict about wearing one. They also didn’t interact with you at all. They didn’t collect the trash, bring food or drink out. They had a bag of food on your seat with water bottle and a coke when you got on the plane and that was it. It is the most bizarre time to travel.

When we finally were on our last flight heading to land in Barcelona I was just exhausted. I was still nervous about getting into the country which turned out to be quite an adventure.

Upon getting off the airplane we were met with about 2 dozen police officers wanting to see each persons passport and know why we were there. I was nervous we were not going to get through they the cops, They couldn’t understand my medical letter. They had split Trevor and I up and were not understanding we were together due to the language barrier. Luckily an officer that spoke English came over and sorted it out and let us carry on our way.

We walked through a dead airport, followed signs/ people, trying to navigate our way out of the airport. To leave we had to sign a medical paper stating we were healthy and would quarantine ourselves for 14 days. We had our temperature checked then were allowed to pick up our bags. On the way out of the airport we had to have our bags scanned again and were questioned why we were there since we came from America.

We FINALLY made it out of the airport and had our first encounter with a taxi. They currently have plastic dividers between the front and back seats of the taxi creating no air flow because there are no air vents in the back which makes it extremely hot with the humidity. We were so hot. Dripping in sweat.

When we made it to the apartment we had been up for 23.5 hrs. I took a shower and crashed. It was so much for my body.

We only had one day to recoup before my medical appointments would start.

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