Good Riddance

Bye 2020

I have conflicting thoughts about you. You were so good to us and yet so hard. I don’t know that anything good comes without hard. If it didn’t come through difficulty would we really experience the pureness of the good?

It’s been way too long since I last published a blog. I’ve written many, feeling like I couldn’t find the right ending. I say it often but I don’t feel like a writer and so I have to have that “feeling” that the writing is ready to share. I never got that with any of them. Maybe because of my healing process and not being able to feel the focus yet. Writing is therapeutic though and I miss writing everyday. It’s something I’m ready to focus on now life is becoming more routine once again.

My year in a quick overview for those who are new year, by the way, welcome. Pull up a seat and stay a while.

Fall 2019
Post Op Incision.

I couldn’t have gotten there without help though. We had to sell our home to help cover medical costs. In addition to that we had many generous people donate to help get me there. We were brought to tears many times. KSL picked up my story and I was grateful for the opportunity to help educate the public.

God had a bigger planned then I could have ever envisioned. He tends to do that. We were able to build in the area we wanted to raise out family and thanks to sweat equity be able to build a home to adapt to my current needs and future needs to create independence for me and bless me with being able to be a mom once again. I feel blessed.

I have been blessed with a great recovery thus far. I’m nearing 7 months post op and will do a follow up on that once we get my CAT Scan results back.

As we roll into the new year I’m excited for my future. I have the opportunity to build my business of life transformation coach. Health coaching and a life coach specializing working with maternal mental health and postpartum transition.

Stay tuned because 2021 is going to be great! Happy New Year!



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