A Day to Celebrate

I plan to keep this blog short… maybe.

Today marks 1 year since I was admitted to the mental hospital. I was 18 months PP and had lost all hope. I spent very difficult week in the hospital till I was put on a medication that stabilized me enough to be released into my husbands care.

Today I expected to be a hard day, and in ways it is. I’ve spent the week reflecting, crying a little bit overwhelmed with emotion of the journey.

Today my husband and I are choosing to make this a day of celebrating my life. Praising God He brought us through this journey together.

We are so grateful to be here and advocate for maternal mental health now. I’m so grateful for each mother these blogs reach and help. For each mother that has reached out to me and been brave enough to share with me their story. Each one of those stories are so important and I want to mama bear hug each of you. I love your courage to keep going.

I just want to leave you with the reminder that you have 100% success rate of surviving your worse days.

Love you guys. Please join us and celebrate life along side us today.

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